Jul 032011

Finding time to write is always a challenge.   For me that becomes a big part of the creative process, how exactly I carve out that time.  And I can be very protective, almost secretive about that process, not wanting to have anybody talk me out of it, or talk sense into me.  I wrote a collection of short stories, “Ambidextrous Productions”, which I wrote entirely at work.  I was a telemarketer at the time, and I hated my job so much I was determined to get fired.  Why couldn’t I just quit and find a better job?  Because I was getting so much writing done!  I was writing a story a week along with an illustration and tons of letters, letter-writing  being a tradition I like to try to keep alive.  I really doubted I would be able to find a job, that paid a marginally productive employee so well.  I had worked straight commission before, so making a salary for making hardly any sales was kinda hard to walk away from, especially after the experience of having a negative paycheck at my old job, I guess I was feeling like a deserved something to make up for that.  Not revenge or payback exactly, but a little bit of a free ride.  So I wrote these stories at work, alternating between my right and left hands because it felt like it was giving voice to some hidden part of me.  I printed them up into little booklets, using all supplies from work and left them in coffee shops and libraries and airplanes and anywhere I thought some one might find and enjoy them.  I finally quit that job to make my first movie, Half Ass Jig.  Years later when some of those Ambidextrous Productions became the movie Work In Sanity, there was a newspaper article about how I had written those stories on the job.  My boss, at a job I am NOT trying to get fired at, wasn’t too impressed with that detail of my writing process.

Part of the power of the creative process, is its personal nature.  Maybe it’s best to keep the details shrouded in mystery.

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